What Is The Work Of Piment Doux Lotion, Face Cream, Soap, Oil, Cleanser, Bath And How To Use It

Piment doux

Many Ladies want to look beautiful and also want to havea lightning skin, in this article you will know the work of Piment doux, The piment is one of the cosmetics and beauty skin which is advisable to use, and it lightning work within the space of 5 days once you follow the proper directions.

Piment doux is classified in so many features which are

piment lotion

piment face cream

piment soap

piment oil

piment cleanser

piment bath

Piment Doux Lotion And Direction For Use

The piment lighting body milk with it plants extracts mostly take good care of your skin every day. It protects your body from dryness and also give you the exact lightning you like in 5 days. In terms of using the piment doux lotion all you have to do is apply it every morning and evening on a clean and healthy skin, which is you must take your bath before applying the piment lotion. After using it in 5 days you will see the reaction of your skin, also note that it will softness your skin for those who have hard skin. The ingredients use on piment doux lotion are water, mineral oil, cetearly, alcohol, kojic acid, sodium edta, parafinum liquidum, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, vitamins E and vitamins C.

Piment doux

Piment Doux Face Cream Direction For Use

The care cream piment doux is a dark spots remover, excellent lightener and universal corrector of spots.

On how to use the face cream you will apply it twice on the affected parts to be treated, you can mix it your milk or body cream.

Ingredients: Glutathion, propylen glycol tocopherol, plants extracts.

Piment Doux Soap And Direction For Use.

This piment doux soap is a natural herbal products that provides natural fairness, it helps in the removes of blemishes, pigment scars, sunburn spot in about 5 days if use. If you use the soap according to it direction, it will heal the previously damaged cells by exfoliation, while rejuvenating the growth of new skin by creating a new lighter, fairer, fresher skin.

In terms of using the piment doux soap all you need to do is apply it twice a day, in the morning and evening, gently lather the soap on your face, body and other areas of you skin for 3 minutes or more, apply extra lather on any problematic darker areas of your skin lather well for 3 minutes or more then you will gently wash it off with a clean water.

Piment Doux Oil And Direction For Use

Piment oil is also one of the best when it comes in lighting, piment oil is mostly mixed with the lotion so it can bring a good result on your skin. Once you mix the piment oil with lotion no need of rubbing the oil again because it already in the lotion.

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Piment Doux Cleanser And Direction For Use

There is some people who usually don’t like using the piment cleanser and while some likes it, although the works of the piment cleanser is to hep clean away the duty on your face. Most times when you finish taking your bath, you won’t be able to know there is some dirty on your face only when you use the piment cleanser before you could find out.

On how to use the cleanser all you have to do is bring a piece of clean cutting wool and use it with the cleanser to clean your face, you will see some particles of dirty on your, so the cleanser is use for cleaning dirt from the face.

Piment Doux Bath And Direction For Use

Piment doux bath and the soap are almost same thing, some people don’t like using the soap in term of bathing but prefer using the bath in terms of bathing, that is same way some prefer using the soap than the bath. The piment bath is in liquid form, it also lightning the skin if you are using it twice a day which is every morning and evening when bathing.

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