What Is The Meaning Of SAPA In Nigeria

Meaning of sapa

A lot of Nigerians will be wondering the meaning of sapa, many Nigerians are using the word sapa but they don’t know the meaning or what it stands for, so today Gistnaijazone will break the full meaning of the word sapa.

We all know that Nigeria economy is very bad which made Nigerians not to be happy about it even $1 dollar raised to N540 naira, all these are among the cause of the increment of food commodity.

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The meaning of Sapa simply means that you don’t have money or you are broke, or you can put it this way, once you have spent a lot of money and you don’t have the money you can use sapa to tell your fellow friend that you don’t have money.

However, we can say sapa is a mild way of saying a person is suffering or lack money and we can also call it a Spirit of poverty that targets you all the time.

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Without a doubt, the word ‘SAPA’ has been the most used word on social media lately, some even use it to sing.

With this article, I guess you have known the meaning of Sapa and why it is used.

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