WGU Texas Offering $100,000 in Cybersecurity Scholarships

Scholarships will help prepare students for a successful career as a professional cybersecurity

Austin – coincides with the month of cyber security awareness, WGGU Texas generates $100,000 in scholarships available for students who want to improve their skills by getting a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in Siber’s security.


Every Cybersecurity scholarship is valued at up to $5,000 and is designed to help students with significant assistance because they pursue an affordable accredited level. Scholarships are given at a rate of $1,250 per six months.


Students listed in a Bachelor’s degree or WGU teacher at Cybersecurity will graduate with the skills needed to succeed in the field and a valuable-recognized certification of industry not included in additional costs. Many graduates begin their professional careers in the middle-level status when entering the workforce.

A recipient of the Cybersecurity scholarship recently and WGU Texas student, bylii hyward attended Community College in Portland, where he began to be interested in Cybersecurity and coding. “After I had the opportunity to learn, it became clear to me that Cybersecurity was something I felt strong and as a career path,” he said.


“This scholarship is a change of life. I’m not sure if I was able to get the rest of my school money, and the WGU really became an answer to getting my title. From financial assistance for my program mentor, everyone has been very supportive.”

As a threat of cyber and increased security violations, demand for very skilled Siber experts will continue to grow. WGU has recently been designated as a national center of academic excellence at Cyber ​​Defense (CAE-CD) by the National Security Agency and the Homeland Security Department. The appointment is given to institutions that show the ability to provide qualified professionals into labor.

To learn more about our degree programs in Siber and Information Technology examinations, visit our Information Technology College online. WGU received the application for Cybersecurity scholarships until June 30, 2022. For details and to register, visit Texas.wgu.edu/Cybersecurity.


Eligibility requirements:

Students are eligible to apply for this scholarship up to 90 days before the start date and up to 90 days after starting the degree program. Students who start more than 90 days after sending scholarship applications will not be considered for scholarships. WGU employees and their partners are not eligible to receive this scholarship.

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