UBA New Mobile App – How To Register And Use It

UBA New Mobile App

United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) is a Nigerian pan-African financial services group, and they have lunched another new UBA New Mobile App for their customers to be using.

It helps UBA customers enjoy the freedom, the UBA new mobile app brings features that save you time. Get all your transactions done easily from your mobile phone.

The UBA new mobile app which was launched this year as an upgrade to the old app had a combination of the traditional features as well as upgraded and innovative features.

An important feature in the new app gives is the privacy feature, when you wave over your phone sensor when the app is open, your account balance is hidden. This is such a great shortcut to have especially in emergencies.

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Every bank has a banking app now but unfortunately not all understand what their customers need. UBA has continued to innovate its digital platforms, seeing as it was the first bank in Nigeria to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into its banking services.

Features Customers Be Will Asking About The UBA New Mobile App

A lot of customers banking with UBA will be asking some questions about the UBA new mobile app, in this post, you will see some questions they will be asking in terms of migration and registration and their answers.


What happens to my old App? The old app is still working, but you will enjoy It well if you download the UBA New Mobile App in order to enjoy the app.

Will the new app update automatically since I have the old app? The old app won’t automatically update, the new app is different platform and will only exist on the App store as UBA Mobile App. All you need to do is go to app’s store and download the app on your device to start using it.

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Do I need to register afresh on the new App? All customers are expected to register afresh even though you have already registered on the old app, you are required to register on the new app platform.

Will it affect my Limit? Yes. All users on the new platform will be subject to a default limit of N200k. They can however increase their limits via self-service with their secure pass.

What happens if I change my device? When you change your device, you may be prompted to authenticate on the new device, simply proceed with the instructions.
Note: You will be able to add your profile on up to 2 devices for flexibility. You may also delete devices from the manage devices and sessions tab under the settings.

Can I use the same password and PIN that I was using before? On the UBA new mobile app, the password has some requirements, you can also use your old password but the pin code for the new platform is 6 digits.

Can I use the same username as my old App? The UBA new mobile app allows you to choose any username of your choice, in that case you can still use same username with your old app.

Why is my Prepaid card not showing? You need to add your prepaid card to the App by clicking the Cards container and selecting ‘Add Card.

What happens if I forget my password? Once you forget your password all you need to do is click on forget password button on the login page you will see forget password you can click it.

How can I change my Pin? You can change your pin by clicking on Modify Transaction pin under More->settings(after login).

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What else can I do with the New app? Some costumer will be thinking about what new thing they can do with the app, let me tell you, you can customize your dashboard, set saving goals, open a new account, change the theme of the app, wave to hide your balance.

How To Register On UBA New Mobile App

As a new customer when you want to register you will be required to fill in the information which your account number and the information on your atm card will be required which are the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits number, card pin, and expiry date of the card. After you are done with this information you will continue with the rest of the registration.

Download UBA Mobile App

UBA Old Mobile App Click Here To Download

UBA New Mobile App Click Here To Download


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