Traction App Review, Registration, Login

Traction App

Traction App is an app which is been used mostly by business owners and other individuals, Traction App accept payments, manage sales, send
invoices, manage inventory, and a lot more
on Traction.

How To Register On Traction App

In terms of registering on traction, it is very easy, you are required to provide your first name, second name, phone number, email, and password. With all the above list requirements you can create an account with Traction App.

Step 1, you will input your first name and second name and I will advise you to make sure that it your real name you put.

Step 2, you are required to fill in your phone number and also your email, it is very important because you can use it to recover your account whenever you lost your login detail and you can also use it to change your password if you feel that someone knows your password and you will input a password you will have to create a strong password which you can be able to remember which is one uppercase letter E.g “A”, minimum of 8 characters Eg “Abc…”, One number E.g “1”, one lowercase letter E.g “a”, one symbol or special character E.g “.,*!”. When you follow this procedure your password will save click here to register.

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How To Login On Traction App

To login on to Traction App is very easy once you have already registered with them, you can login with your email and password, once you provide the correct information you can login into your account, click here to login.

Once you can’t be able to login into your account or you lost your password I will advise you to click on forget password so that you can be able to change your password, and before you could be able to change your password you will need to put your email where a verification code will be sent to your mail.

How To Join Traction App Affiliates To Earn

Here is how Traction App program work and step you will follow to be able to sign up.

  1. Sign-up for the program, get verified and receive your referral code
  2. Provide your referral code to all the merchants you refer so that we know you sent them
  3. Track your merchant progress on the Partner Dashboard, to ensure you receive the sign-up and transaction bonus
  4. Receive monthly payments for all Merchants that qualify!

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A Traction affiliate is a third party individual representative that refers Traction to small businesses that require Traction services.

Affiliates include:

  • Agents
  • Students
  • Freelancer
  • Other individuals

A Traction reseller is a corporate that is looking to expand their customer offerings, by providing referrals to customers that require Traction services

Resellers include:

  • Accounting firms
  • Law firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Marketing agencies
  • Other business services agencies

Traction App Program Benefits

Earn a payment for every referral

When a merchant that you refer purchases a POS terminal you’ll receive a sign up payment.

Earn a transaction bonus when your referrals use Traction Apps

When a merchant that you refer makes 10 transactions using the Traction POS terminal, receive a transaction bonus of N500 every month for the first 3 months.

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Reliable performance tracking

Tractions partnership dashboard helps you monitor your commissions from any internet enabled device.

Payments sent monthly

You will be paid for signing up new customers every month. Payments are processed through bank transfer.

Dedicated point of contact

Troubleshoot any issues you are having by reaching out to our dedicated partnership manager via email or phone.

Disclaimer: Gist Naija Zone are not promoting Traction App but we just wish to guide people on how to register on Traction App.


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