Top 10 Richest Footballer and their Networth In Africa 2021


Today Gistnaijazone will gist you the most top 10 richest footballer and their Network is African 2021.

10. Obafemi Martins

Obafemi Martins is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays for striker wuham zone in the chines supper league, he increased his wealth while playing for China and made him the second richest footballer in Nigeria. Obafemi started his football career in Inter Milan, in Italy where he spend 5 years where he scored 28 goals in 88 matches before moving to England to play for Newcastle. Obafemi has many expensive cars, he owns a Mercedes Benz XLR, Mercedes Benz G, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari spider and many other apart from owning a luxury cars he also owns many mansion located outside Africa and in Lagos Nigeria, his networth is $25 million.

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9. Asamoah Gyan:

He is a Ghanian footballer who players as a striker, he is also a captain in Ghanian national team, his fans only knows him for what he does on his social media page. Gyan has contributed in many ways in the economy growth of Ghana, he has many businesses in Ghana which comes inform of company, his company include mama V noodles and rice, boxing promotion, event management, plaza, real estate and many other. He is blessed with many luxurious cars worth million of dollars and mansion, he own a house worth $3 million and rolls royces worth $400,000. He also own an airline in Ghana.

8. Micheal Essien

In the past fee year Michael Essien is a big name in the world of football, he is a Ghanian footballer and has played in both champion league and premiere league over many times, at the age 22 in 2005 he signed for Chelsea Fc for 26 million pound for 5 years, in August 2021 he signed an unknown deal with Real Madrid and he scored 2 goal. In 2014 he transfer to AC Milan in Italy serie A, he played mostly in defence and Midfield. He owns many mansion and also luxurious cars worth million of dollars and other asset, he own $1.5 million house in London and also has houses in Ghana he network is $35 million.

7. Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor is a Togo professional footballer, his parent are from Nigerian in Osun state while a Togo base. Emmanuel played for Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham and Crystal Palace in England premier league, when he was playing for Manchester city he earn $268,000 per week, he has a networth of $45 million, he owns multiple mansion , super cars ad private jet. His expensive cars includes Mercedes Benz G65 AMG, Mercedes Benz Vano van, Mercedes Benz XC, Rolls Royce, he owns houses in Ghana and Togo

6. Seydou Keita:

Seydou Keita is a professional footballer player, his professional footballer career started when he was 17year, he represented Hus country Mali at the age of 20 and he appeared in the 17th African Cup of Nation (AFCON). Keita became fem in 2000 in Mali at the FIFA World Cup, in 2012 he joined the Chines super club. He is bless with many mansion, luxurious cars worth.million of naira and other assets, his neuworth is $51 million.

5. John Mikel Obi

Mikel Obi is the Nigerian richest footballer he acquired he wealth playing for Chelsea, Mikel is a Medfield, he started his football career in Nigeria local football team, Platue United, after some year he joined England premier league Chelsea Fc and made million of dollars annual bases. Although he lives in London with his wife and 3 children, he has mansion in Lagos, Abuja, Jos and London, he own a Bentley GT and other cars, his networth is $60 million.

4. Mohammed Salah

Mohammad Salah is one of the most popular African footballer, he was born is Egypt, he plays as a striker for Liverpool Fc in England premier league, he also play Egyptian national team. Salah has won the brand ambassador of adidas, uber and many other. Salah has been seen driving a Bentley GT and Mercedes Benz SUV, and his luxurious cars also includes Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz AMG, Mercedes Benz XLS and many others. Salah also has a house in Egypt and England where he lives with his family Salah networth is $65 million.

3. Yaya Toure

Yaya You’re is one of the best player in Ivory Coast, he has been regarded as one of the best player in his position and also one of the richest footballer in Africa, Manchester City paid him 250,000 euro per week and he got 21.7 million euro in his endorsement, he also player for Barcelona, after his sign is Manchester city expired he return to Greece. Yara has been seen driving luxurious cars, recently he got him self a Rolls Royce worth 350,000 pound, his networth is $70 million.

2. Didier Drogba :

Didier Drogba is from Ivory Coast and also one of the richest footballer in Africa, in 2006 he was a captain in Ivory Coast national team until his retirement in Ivory Coast national team in 2014, he was the top goal scorer in Ivory Coast during his time, during his retirement he played for Chelsea Fc in England premier league. Drogba has an endorsement deal with Samsung, Konami, Pepsi and Adidas, all this endorsement deal also brought more money into hiss bank account. In 2009 Drogha bought a 2 mansion in England for $21 million he has been seen driving luxurious cars his networth is $90 million.

1. Samuel Eto:

Samuel Eto, most people argue that Eto is the biggest and richest footballer in Africa, Eto plays as a striker in cadz at 11 years, he trained therw from 1992 to 1996, and he later move to French soccer club but was rejected due to his young age. Be later joined Real Madrid where he completed his youths career the following year, he played for Real Madrid from 1997 to 2000 and he has plates for 11 different clubs. Eto owner one of the expensive cars in the world which includes, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, pouch etc, almost all his family members own an expensive car, his networth is $95 million.

I have a question for you guys, in all the players mention which of them is your favorite ??.

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