Top 10 Richest Comedian and Their Networth in Nigeria 2021


Today GISTNAIJAZONE will gist you more about the top 10 richest comedian and their networth in 2021.

10 Akpororo – N350 Million

Jephthah Bowoto is a popular comedian popularly known as Akpororo, Akpororo is a very familiar name to Nigerian who mostly watch comedy, Apkororo is a Nigerian comedian who has a strategy of doing his comedy that makes viewers laughing, he state of origin is Ondo state but grew up in Warri Delta state. Akpororo charges N1 million per show, his career has earn him alot of endorsement deal with Fidan Investment Limited, ICT mobile phone accessories, his cars include Acura MDX, Range Rover sport and many more.

9. Gordons – N400 Million

Gordons is also a comedian who’s career has earn him a lot of money, initial he started as a pastor in search of green pasture so he has to leave and join comedy, his endorsement deal was Glo, he also ambassador of telecom.

8. Gbenga Adeyinka – N500 Million

Adeyinka is a most craft comedian who has earn himself as one of thr richest comedian in Nigeria, he is also a radio presenter, actor, writer and master of ceremony, he mostly hears many of the languages in Nigeria. His comedy magazine is Laff matters.

7. Bovi – N600 Million

Abovi Ugboma is popularly known as Bobi, and he is one of the comedian who has been in the industry for years, and he is also part of the top 10 Nigerian comedy, he has won most endorsement and business venture. Bovi owns a house in Victoria Island, Lagos where he lives with his family, his expensive cars includes Toyota Prado, Lexus SUV, Mercedes Benz G wagon, Range Rover Sport and many others.

6. Okey Bakassi – N800 Million

Okeychuwku Anthony who is popularly known as Okey Bakassi is a comedian who makes his fans happy and also laughing, he has earn alot of invitation, although how much he charges per show was not disclosed, he also owns alot of expensive cars.

5. Julius Agwu – N1•5 Billion

Julius is one of thr richest Comedian in Nigeria who has hit N1 billion in his career, he owns a lot of expensive cars and a house in lekki Lagos.

4. I Go Dye – N1•8 Billion

Francis Agoda is popularly known as I go dye is of one of the richest comedian who has started a comedy in many years back, many people will think that due to his look that he don’t worth that amount but due to his career and most award he won earn him a lot of money. He has 4 mansion filled with expensive cars.

3. Basketmouth – N2 Billion

Bright Okpocha is popularly known as Basketmouth and he mostly coordinate event and ceremony, and he is also good in comedian, in 2005 and 2006 he won an award as the best comedian, he also generate alot of money from his personal shows which are being hosted in both home and abroad, he built a house in lekki worth millions of naira, he has a Bentley car and other cars.

2. AY – 2•5 Billion

Ayodeji Richard Makun is popularly known as AY is such an iconic comedian in the comedy industry, his work was recognized and he was endorsed with the UN peace ambassador. He is one of the influential comedian who also help upcoming comedian. He was born and brought up in Delta state and he return to Lagos to make a career for himself, he also act movies which includes 30 Days in Atlanta, A Trip to Jamaica, the wedding party, 10 days in suncity, American driven and merry men. AY built one of his mansion in lekki Lagos, his expensive cars includes Mercedes Benz G wagon, Lexus LX 570, Acura MDX, Mercedes Benz SUV and many others.

1. Ali Baba – N3 Billion

Ali baba started his comedy in the early 90s when he started his comedy much people don’t know much about comedy that time, but now he is the richest comedian in Nigeria.


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