Role Former Leader, Abdulsalami Abubakar, 6 Yoruba Personalities Played In MKO Abiola’s Travails, Eventual Death—Ex-Soldier


Nmadi kanu, igbo, and yoruba tribe should be careful the way this people attack hausa traders isso insane nd inhumanity, millions of igbo nd yarubas leave in yhe north especially kano. But have you been heard they have been attacked or hijacked they goods on their way to

Igbos generally don’t have leadership.
Yoruba have leadership but question their leaders because they’re enlightened. Hausa-Fulani have leadership but don’t question them because they’re not enlightened.
Igbos are enlightened but don’t have leadership.
That’s the analysis!

The Yorubas betrayed us”.

But Zik foolishly agreed to form an unofficial coalition with Ahmadu Bello and Tafawa Balewa, men who never even supported the idea of independence to begin with, just to spite Awolowo for 1954 elections.

You formed a coalition with a monster,…


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