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Mng lotto

MNG Lotto is a raffle game lottery system, the numbers are being distributed, MNG Lotto Is the same thing with sports gambling, the MNG Lotto drawing is done by a computer program (algorithm) to pick the winner from the pool as soon as the required tickets are completed and you will be paid after winning.

How To Register On MNG Lotto

MNG has strict rules before you can register on their platform, so as a new person you have to know their rules before registration the rules includes.

  • As a new customer If you know, you can’t find your account after registration within 48 hours, your account will be blocked, MNG need serious people who want to win money, so if don’t have money to fund your account don’t create an account yet until you know that you are ready to fund the account.
  • Note that your phone number and email ID must be unique for them to send you your account login credentials without wasting any time.
  • Your bank details must correspond with your account holder name to process successfully withdrawal, this means that your account holder’s name will be the same thing as your bank account name.
  • To be part of MNG Lotto you must be 18 years and above.

To create an account with MNG Lotto you will first of all input your surname and first name (name that corresponds with your bank account name) you will input your phone number and your email and you need to put input 4 digits code that you can be able to remember easily, click here to register.

Mng lotto

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How To Login To MNG Lotto

There are key tips that you will use to be able to access your MNG account easily without any trouble.

  • Using Email Address: Enter the registered email address used on mng and enter your pin
  • Using Phone number: Always exclude the first zero if you wish to login via your registered phone number e.g. 7038488844
  • Using AccessID: Enter the AccessID sent to your email during registration
Mng lotto

How To Become An Agent On MNG Lotto

Being an agent in MNG Lotto is not a big deal it same way with other gambling agents.

  • Application basic requirements for an agent
    – A shop, kiosks, or containers in a busy area but power lines and
    waterways channels shouldn’t be on sight.
    – Minimum of 1 Thermal printer
    – Minimum of 1 laptop
    – Stable internet
    – Power supply
    – Agent shops should not be situated close to each other

Also, note that when you will be registering as an agent you will need to input your details which include: first name, last name, date of birth, gender, phone number, email, password, address, landmark, local government are and referral channel. Click here to register as an agent.

Mng lotto

Disclaimer: Note that GISTNAIJAZONE are not promoting MNG Lotto rather this article is to guide people about the platform


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