Meet Beverly Tlhako, The South African Celebrity That Is Presently Mistaken As Chidinma


The whole country is talking about the death of Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga and the 21-year-old University of Lagos State student, Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu who is being held accountable for his death. In the cause to spice up the news on Chidinma, a misconception has been presently created dragging an innocent South African celebrity identified as Beverly Tlhako.

A viral video of Beverly Tlhako, who is the CEO of the shopping and retail store, Beverly Luxury, was posted on Facebook to claim the identity of Chidinma.

Fact check: Beverley Thlako posted that video on January 2nd when she promoted a dress from her online shopping store.

It is so easy to confuse the suspected killer, Chidinma with the South African celebrity because both ladies have a similar facial and body appearance. In the photo above, the UNILAG student is by the left while Beverly Thlako is by the right. Without someone striking out the difference, any one can believe they are the same person.

As a matter of fact, Beverly Thlako just celebrated her 20th birthday four days ago and made no appearances in Nigeria.

It is important that we try and debunk fake news because misconceptions like this are often created especially on trending topics. The genesis of this narrative was created hours ago after videos of Beverly Thlako were posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Social media users saw the videos and assumed it was Chidinma. Chidinma simply looks like the famous South African model but they are not the same

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