Lagosian Panic As Robbers Operate At Iyana Isolo Bridge In Lagos(View photos)


The scares of insecurities in the country is one of the challenges resident living in Nigeria have to deal with daily as they leave.

It is so saddening that while some are dealing with bandits and terrorists in the north, others are kept on their toes in worries of robbery in the south western part of the country.

Yesterday, there was a report of robbery operation in Lagos state along Iyana Isolo bridge in broad daylight.

While this is not the first time this incident of case has been reported along this area. It is sad to see it being repeated again.

According to the report, the pictures as captured below shows how these young men, operate on bikes and stop at different points to get people to wind down the glasses of their car downs.

In trying to question them of one thing or another, they take advantage of the situation and make away with valuables their hands can pick.

This is becoming more worrisome and lagosian are beginning to call for help in keeping these robbers of the roads as they threaten the lives of people.


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