Igbos are the blacks of Nigeria.


What Nigeria did to Biafra:
100,000 shot dead.
2million (mostly kids) starved to death.
4.5million displaced from their homes.
3million became refugees.

This is the history the Nigerian Govt doesn’t want you to know. This is the evil we did to the Igbos.

What a shame.

Many of you have absolutely no idea what was done to Igbos. You think it was just a “war”.

On Oct 7 1967, the Nigerian Army summoned citizens of Asaba to say ‘one Nigeria’. They came out wearing white cloth & chanting songs. They were massacred.

Just like that. In cold blood.

After this, nigerian soldiers invaded Asaba. They raped young girls. They brutalised women. They massacred men and boys.

They destroyed homes
They wrecked indigenous artefacts.
They levelled and degraded the city.

They did same in Onitsha.
This was NOT a war. This was genocide.

Yet despite all these,
The Igbos are today, as a group the most successful tribe in Nigeria when it comes to entrepreneurship and business acumen.

And also till today
I’m not aware of any apology by the govt or any admission of crimes towards the Igbos.

May God bless the Igbos.


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