How To Start A Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

Many people know that the cosmetics business in Nigeria is one of the lucrative businesses we have in Nigeria, in the article you will know how to start a cosmetics business in Nigeria. Cosmetics is usually applied on the face and skin of the body, thinking about running a cosmetics business or products is a good idea.

The amount that is preferable on how to start a cosmetics business in Nigeria

Almost 96% of women use cosmetics on their skin to look beautiful and have glowing skin, and because of that cosmetics have become a high demand. The cosmetics business doesn’t really require much money, some cosmetics are high in price while some are low in price. Starting a low price (cheap) cosmetics business doesn’t require huge money, you can start it with N100,000 for a beginner then you will boast it up when you are doing turnover in the business which can give you 60% profit monthly from there you can start up to a medium price cosmetic business or even high price cosmetics business. To start a cosmetics business in Nigeria on a medium price you need N500,000 to N1 million. To start a cosmetics business at a high price that means you will need to keep N1 million to N5 million above. And if you are the type that doesn’t spend money on unnecessary things you will grow higher, with this one how to start a cosmetics business in Nigeria weather on high price or low price.

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Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

Select Cosmetics Product

Chosen a cosmetics product you will focus on is also another problem, as a beginner, you need to settle on one particular product and make sure you put all your focus on that product because the cosmetics business in Nigeria is a wild business, you either focus on powder and makeup products, skincare products, organic products, fragrance (roll on, perfume, body spray). You can focus on one niche and put more focus on it and the direction to improve your business.

Things To Do For Your Cosmetics Products To Move

Before you start up a cosmetics business in Nigeria, there are some things you need to think of such as

  • Business Location
  • The Profit Margin in Cosmetics Products Business
  • Where to buy Products
  • Make An Advert

Business Location

Business Location is the number thing to think of before starting a cosmetics business in Nigeria like I earlier said before the business location is very important because you can just stat the business at where you must know if people in that area are interested in cosmetics, but I will advise you to start the business in a well-known cosmetics business market such as.

Balogun Business Association – Lagos state

Lagos Island market – Lagos State

Onitsha Market – Anambra state

Ariaria Market, Aba – Abia state

Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

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The Profit Margin In The Cosmetics Product Business

As a beginner in the cosmetics business in Nigeria, you need to know how is it profitable before thinking of starting it up. Although it depends on how much you invest in the cosmetics business that will determine your profit. If you directly buy products like the hair extension from the manufacturers, once you meet up with their target monthly you will be rewarded with some cash, the exact amount depends on the company and what they produce.

Where To Buy products

There are different places to buy your products in Lagos such as the Mushin market, the Dosunmu market in Lagos Island, Balogun market also in Lagos Island, Trade Fair market along Badagry Expressway. All of these market are located in Lagos State. Also, note that you import cosmetics from other countries to Nigeria such as, US, Thailand, Cameron, Cotonou, China, Ghana etc.

You can be a distributor also only if you have the zeal and money, which you can buy directly from the manufacturers in a large quantity. for example Expression Kanekalon company, the makers of  Xpression hair extension have policies and procedures different from Amingo kanekalon also maker of Amingo hair extension, Kidz and teen body cream manufacture are in Onitsha, piment lotion, oil and soap the manufacturer are in Cameroon etc.

Make An Advert

Making your products or goods moving is another way of improving your Cosmetics business in Nigeria, placing an advert reaching enough number of people, those people will be aware of your business and decide to patronize you.

How you display your business, outside like banners or even on the radio will bring more customers to your cosmetics business in Nigeria.

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I believe you have read this article through, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, share your success story and if you have some challenges, feel free to ask question.

Wish you all the best.


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