How to Acquire Opay Loan 2021


Today GISTNAIJAZONE will teach you how to acquire opay loan,Opay loan service is one of feature focusing on automated lending service with an interest to provide users an increased access to credit facilities under a supervised.

Moreover, making a loan decision are made available within 15 seconds after application. Before that,, the applicant will have to indicate interest by applying using opay app installed on their android app.

So to apply for OKash or Owealth is very easy to do, like i said you can use your opay app to start your application. But before you proceed, note that, Opay loans are short time loans which mans that they are loans that are given with expectation that you pay after some few days or a month.

Further, also note that Opay loans have a partnership with our local banks which makes them easy to allow you transfer money from account to ther platform while redeeming your loan.

Opay Loan Terms of Use

Opay is a service that is more or les like a contract between you and OPay. You may not use the Service if you do not accept these Terms. By using any part of the Service you accept these Terms. If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, you may not use the Service.

1.You must register an account with valid information.

2.Third party merchants offer the goods & services.

3.Payments are processed by third parties.

4.Your privacy is important to us.

5.Product inquiries should be submitted to the relevant Merchant.

6.You must not use the Service to violate any laws

7.OPay may contact you regarding your account or the Service.

8.OPay may discontinue the Service.

9.The Service is provided without any warranties or guarantees.

10.OPay is not liable for any damages you may incur as a result of using the Services.

Types of Opay Loan

Am amaze that you want to apply for opay loan online, but before that, let us review the different loans with Opay.

1.Business loan-Get a loan for your trade or business plan

2.Education Loan –This is the kind of loan given out to individulas who want to apply for a loan for any educational reasons.

3.PayDay loan –Apply for a loan to manage daily financial transactions.

Why You Need an Opay Loan?

  • You don’t need a shortee or guarantor to get a loan.
  • It is very fast and easy, just within 15 minutes, the money is transfered to you.
  • The payment options are very flexible.
  • You don’t need any collateral for this loan.
  • Only with Opay app, you get a loan cheaply
  • You may not need to visit any of the branches to apply for opay loan or remit your account.
  • The more you borrow, the more you make more money

Who Can Apply?

1.someone who has a valid bank details

2.someone who has a bank verification number

3.Applicants within 20-55 years old.

4.candidate who are mentally fit.

5.Applicants who have an opay app installed in their phone.

Easy Way to Get Opay Loan

1.Visit google playstore to download opay apk, if you have our app before, just login to get started.

2.Launch your app and follow the Okash guide to apply for a lan.Once you are done, upload all the documents needed and then wait for an approval.

Thanks for reading,if you’ve got your money, now go practice that or if you are confused, please use the comment form below to ask us your question.


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