Halo Infinite News and Released Date

Halo Infinite News

Halo Infinite News, yesterday being 25th August 2021, it was revealed that Halo Infinite will be released On 8th December 2021 and it will be arriving on PC and Xbox. Joseph Staten who is the creative director confirmed the news during Gamescom’s opening night live.

Although people were surprised about the Halo Infinite news that it will be released on the Xbox Gamescon presentation this week. .microsoft store might drop the launch date for Halo Infinite earlier that intends.

Aggioramenti Lumia who is the Microsoft leaker shared a photo of the games store page, with as shows the released date of it being 8th December 2021 being this year.

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Also, Tauwanese online retailer on Twitter also shown the same date with that of Aggioramenti Lumia.

It’s worth noting that the public Microsoft Store page still shows the placeholder date of December 31, 2021. The page being pulled by Lumia is a private API specifically for Halo Infinite’s campaign mode.

Over 343 industries would release the game around November because they will celebrate their 20th anniversary on 15th November. This date is a little later than some may be expecting, it’s only a few weeks off what people were already anticipating

As it has always been, the delays are more frequent and we may very well see the 8th December date changed again before the official announcement is made.

As of Thursday morning, we’re still waiting on preorders to go live at a couple of stores: Amazon and Best Buy. Placeholder listings are live for both of these retailers, so stock could become available at any time. Keep an eye on these listings if you’re still hoping to preorder the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite limited edition.

Halo Infinite News


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