Dont panic If Your Gas Catches Fire,Do These Things to Quench the Fire(view photos)


Dear Welcome here,we have been experiece an incident of fire outbreak causes by gas explosion and while some of us are also a victim.

Today GISTNAIJAZONE we teach you guys some amazing things to do anytime your gas catches fire,the primary danger associated with gas use is that it can result in a gas explosion. Gas explosions are a leading cause of death in many parts of Nigeria.

As a result, it is best avoided,However, if your gas causes a fire, do not panic; there is a way to extinguish the flames.

1. Find a towel, speedily immense the towel into a bowl of detergent and water.

2.Cover the cylinder with the towel wherever the explosion originates and the fire will be extinguished immediately.

However, as the adage goes, “prevention is preferable to cure.” I’m going to demonstrate some behaviors that you should never engage in if you don’t want your gas to explode.

1. Inspect your gas nozzle for damage; if it is, gas may begin to leak from it, eventually catching fire.

2. Never, under any circumstances, fill your gas tank to the brim; this can also cause it to leak.

3. Verify that your burner is not defective. Faulty burners are prone to catching fire and exploding.

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