Champions League Goals Highlight

Champions League Goals Highlight

Today the champion league started around 5:45 pm with eight matches, in this Champions league goals highlight, their, those who scored and their point will appear here.

check out the Champions League goals highlight below.

Champions League Goals Highlight

Sevilla vs Salzburg

Sevilla 0-1 Salzburg goal scored by Sucic L. @ 21 minutes by penalty

Sevilla [1] – 1 Salzburg goal scored by Rakitic I. @ 42 minutes by penalty

Haft Time Sevilla 1-1 Salzburg

Full-Time Sevilla 1-1 Salzburg

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Young Boy Vs Manchester United

Young Boy 0-1 Manchester United goal scored by Ronaldo C. assisted by Fernandes B. @13 minutes.

Half Time 0-1 Manchester United

Young Boy [1] – 1 Manchester United goal scored by Moumi Ngamaleu N. assisted by Hefti @66 minutes

Young Boy [2] – 1 Manchester United goal scored by Siebatcheu J. @90+5 minutes

Full Time 2-1 Manchester United

Barcelona Vs Bayern Munich

Barcelona 0 – 1 Bayern Munich goal scored by Muller T. assisted by Sane L. @34 minutes

Half Time Barcelona 0-1 Bayern Munich

Barcelona – [2] Bayern Munich goal scored by Lewandowski R. assisted by Musiala J. @56 minutes.

Barcelona 0 – [3] Bayern Munich scored by Lewandowski @85 minutes.

Full-Time Barcelona 0-3 Bayern Munich

Chelsea – Zenit

Half Time Chelsea 0-0 Zenit

Chelsea 1- 0Zenit goal scored by Lukaku R. assisted by Azpilicueta C. @69 minutes

Full-Time Chelsea 1-0 Zenit

Dyn. Kyiv – Benfica

Half Time Dyn. Kyiv 0-0 Benfica

Full-Time Dyn. Kyiv 0-0 Benfica

Lille – Wolfsburg

Half Time Lille 0-0 Wolfsburg

Full Time Lille 0-0 Wolfsburg

Malmo FF – Juventus

Malmo FF 0-1 Juventus goal scored by Alex Sandro assisted by Bentancur R @23 minutes

Malmo FF 0-2Juventus goal scored by Dybala P. @45 minutes

Malmo FF 0-3 Juventus goal scored by Morata A @45+1 minutes.

Half Time Malmo FF 0-3 Juventus

Full Times Malmo FF 0-3 Juventus

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Villarreal vs Atalanta

Villarreal 0-1 Atalanta goal scored by Freuler R. assisted as Zaoata B. @6 minutes

Villarreal [1] – 1 Atalanta goal scored by Trigueros M. @39 minutes .

Half Time Villarreal 1-1 Atalanta

Villarreal [2] – 1 Atalanta goal scored by Danjuma A. assisted by Moreno G @73 minutes

Villarreal 2 – [2] Atalanta goal scored by Gosens R. @83 minutes.

Full Time Villarreal 2-2 Atalanta

Champions League Goals Highlight Points

Bayern Munich 3 points

Chelsea 3 points

Young Boys 3 points

Juventus 3 points

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sevilla 1 points

Salzburg 1 points

Benfica 1 points

Dyn. Kyiv 1 points

Lille 1 points

Wolfsburg 1 points

Villarreal 1 point

Atalanta. 1 point

manchester united 0 point

malmo 0 points

Zenite 0 point

Barcelona 0 point

Champions League Goals Highlight


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