12 greatest body transformation in movies

  1. Christian Bale – MACHINIST

The GOAT of transformation, lost 63 pounds by only eating one apple a day for 4 months. Doctors had to tell him to stop because they thought he was near death.

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal – SouthPaw

Jake gained 15 pounds of muscle by working out 6 hours everyday for a whole 6 months in preparation for his role as Billy Hope in Southpaw

  1. Matthew McCoughey – Gold

The actor gained 47 pounds to look like Kenny Wells in the movie “Gold”

  1. Gary Oldman – Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman’s look as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour was a combination of slight weight gain and 14 pounds of foam and silicone for proper make up.

  1. Chris Pratt – Guardian of the Galaxy

Pratt Lost 60 pounds through rigorous Workout routine for his preparation for Star Lord role in Guardian of the Galaxy

  1. Russell Crowe – Body of Lies

gained a whopping 63 pounds for his role as a CIA agent who let himself go on body of lies

  1. Chris Hemsworth – Heart of the Sea

Hemsworth lost 15 pounds for his role in Heart of the sea.

  1. 50 Cent – Things fall Apart

He lost 60 pounds and went on a liquid diet for 3 months to play a cancer patient in Things fall apart.

  1. Jared Leto – Chapter 27

This is probably one of the most extreme body Transformation ever, Leto gained 67 pounds for his role as David Chapman (John Lennon’s killer) in chapter 27.

It got so bad he found it hard to walk to the set during filming..

  1. Charlize Theron – Tully She gained close to 50 pounds for this film,” Theron shared. “I just I wanted to feel what this woman felt”
  1. Tom Hardy – Dark knight

Tom Hardy gained almost 30 pounds to play Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


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